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        QC/Technical Support
        Our quality control is carried out by the well-trained production staff members for the materials, semi-finished and finished products. They take care of every procedure, and the general manager oversees the whole process. Raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing throughout the manufacturing chain, including accessories are tested and certified.

        QC Staff
        40 to 49

        Procedures/testing Details
        1. Deciding on product design
        2. Examination of the materials
        3. Production lines: checking the semi-finished products via random sampling.
        4. Finished products: checking each finished item as well as the accessories.

        Other Information
        A piece-by-piece inspection at multiple stages ensures near-flawless results. Our management & quality control system have got ISO9001:2008 certificate and all of our products have passed CE, TUV, FDA, SGS, and ITS food safety certification.

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